Posted by: Brendan | January 6, 2009

Wearing grooves in I-10

I’ve been wearing grooves in the stretch of I-10 between Idyllwild and Tucson

Seems I know where the best coffee shops are, the best spots to stretch my legs… even the areas with the best cell reception.

Tucson calls– nesting, the search for shop space… and sunny rides.

Idyllwild calls– I love building bikes. And, as it were, that’s where my shop is for now. And it’s how I earn my living.


I’m working on a Fifty-Five singlespeed for Mary in Bellingham- a small, capable, all-weather shred machine. Taking a page out of the Sacha in the UK book, she’ll have crud-catcher mounts too.


I’ll be heading back to Tucson again soon, touring shop spaces, getting logistics in order. I like it there.

More to come…




  1. It was good to see you rockin’ out in the shop. I’m truly excited for you and know Tucson will be a great place for Siren.

  2. Here in the UK the crudcatcher mounts have worked their magic perfectly.

    Since the bike was built we haven’t had any rain and the ground has been frozen solid.

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