Posted by: Brendan | December 28, 2008

Katie’s new singlespeed

This will be a hot bike.


Katie in Tucson had been thinking about this bike for a while- when she pulled the trigger she decided to go all the way with it. She wanted something light, fast, and pink. After some discussion she settled on a silver frame with a full compliment of pink components. A subtle metalic silver powdercoat, finished with a pearl top coat and pink decals adorn the Easton Ultralite frame. Features include a custom-turned hourglass head tube, (shorter to keep her bars low) and a relieved bottom bracket shell. The bent top tube affords ample standover clearance while providing just enough room for two full-sized water bottles within the main triangle. Ahrens sliding dropouts and plumbing for gears finish the frame off.


Yes, that’s a tank.



Her Trauco singlespeed features geometry on the neutral side of forgiving; quick enough to carve in and out of cactus-lined singletrack but stable enough to rough descents with speed.

The numbers: ETT 22.75″, SA 73.5, HA 71, CSL 17.2″, BBH 12.5″ (designed around a Fox F29 80mm fork)



The build kit

More to come soon- there’s lots of shiny pink stuff on the way!


  1. Lookin’ veeeery nice! Nice to see the progress pics–can’t wait to see the next round!

  2. Thanks GK.
    I’ll try to get something put up when she builds the complete bike. It’ll be a looker…

    Also, I’ll have a couple more singlespeeds up here int here in the near future, and a nice looking Song 29 that I’m finishing off in the next couple of days.

  3. That’s a sweet lookin’ rig there, Brendan! I think the pink ano will really pop off that. Of course, it’ll probably ride purty well too. 😉

  4. I dig the contrast off of the tank!! Very nice as always!

  5. Beautiful work sir. just beautiful!

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