Posted by: Brendan | December 27, 2008

Sonoran Siren Move

Siren is starting off the new year with a major change of scenery- Tucson!


To close friends of the company, this is no surprise- I’ve been dancing around the idea for a number of years. I’m looking forward to experiencing some creative synergy with my good friend Matt, starting with a joint project on Katie’s forthcoming Siren Muse, a blinged-out urban commuter. Later, we will work on expanding Siren’s reach into bike shops through standard-sized, pre-built, and semi-custom frames.

We also have an entirely new project cooking aside from Siren entirely… but I’m keeping tight-lipped about that one for now. 🙂

Tucson is a natural fit for Siren, insofar as we’ll enjoy the industrial assets of a city (materials, machines, finishing, better logistics, etc) and a bike-friendly community with great minds- and skilled work. Industrial space is much easier to come by in Tucson as well, which we need as we’ve grown a larger footprint than our current shop space can provide. Idyllwild by comparison has been a great place to get the company off the ground. I will miss it and pledge to visit my riding buds frequently, especially in the summer months!

The move will take some time. We have a rough working plan right now but as always, a move is not just a move. The heavy equipment is one matter, but the interruption in production and changeover of accounts and suppliers is another challenge entirely. Clearing the queue and minimizing down time is another challenge. January, arguably our slowest month, seems an ideal time to make the switch.

More to come soon… exciting times ahead!

Enjoy the ride!



  1. Tucson is a great town to base a bicycle business.

  2. Welcome to the desert! Sounds like you guys have a lot of good things planned for ’09!

    Tiffany in Phoenix

  3. Tucson…sweet! Awesome picture, by the way. 🙂

  4. I’m sure it’ll be a great move for ya. Can’t wait to visit.

  5. Welcome home!

  6. Congrats on the decision..I too have made the decision to move. Good luck with Siren’s future!

  7. Good luck with the move. Although I am sorry to see you leave the Golden State (I don’t know why though, maybe because I am a transplanted Californian in Maryland).

  8. Thanks everyone!
    I see a bright future for Siren in Tucson, for sure.
    I’ll have more blog entries soon as I select the new shop space and start getting settled in. It’s going to be a great ride.

  9. Tucson is a great place! You are gonna love it there and good luckW

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