Posted by: Brendan | December 1, 2008

tagged again!


Jeni in Durango tagged me!

This was the second time for both of us; I guess what goes around comes around.

The Rules: List 6 random things about yourself that most people do not know, then tag 6 more people and post their links.

1. I played the trumpet.

2. I have really good luck. Seriously, I win raffles. Things work in my favor.

3. I like to make up my own superstitions and follow them.

4. I flew airplanes in college.

5. I went to Space Camp when I was a kid.

6. I performed CPR the day after I was certified.

I tag:

Matt (because he’s a newlywed and hasn’t blogged in a while)

Katie (ditto)

Chad Brown (because I’ve never met him but he keeps it real)

Misty Bateman (because she lives on the other side of the country?)

Todd Carpenter (because he’ll have some good ones)

Sarah Kaufmann (ditto)



  1. Yes, what comes around goes around! 🙂

    What kind of airplanes did you fly in college??

  2. I flew Cessna 150’s, 152’s, later 172’s. Also sometimes went up with my my friend who was flying Piper Tomahawks at the time. It’s been about 5 years since I last flew, but I miss it and would like to get back into it.

    I vote you and Matt get your licenses! Your commute to Abq would be awesome!

  3. Hmm…..thanks Brendan! I have done my duty and responded! I’m always up for a game!

  4. I vote keeping the rubber to the road. Those little planes scare me.

  5. Cool. You learn new things every day about the person right next to you!

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