Posted by: Brendan | November 24, 2008

Are you a Fred?

Do you want to put an aero bar on your mtb?


In response to your inquiries, we’re going into production on this handy little widget.

We built the Fred Bar first for Mary, when she raced the Tour Divide last year. Her model was straightforward, literally, with a 13″ wide straight bar space, and the equivalent of a 40mm stem length. This positioned her aero bars further back from the normal mountain bike bar position, about in the same place they’d be on a road bike, where aero bar designers intended them to be…


The “production” Fred Bar will feature 15mm of drop (or rise if you flip it) and will position your aero bars about 15mm in front of your steerer tube. It will be narrower, about 6 1/2″ wide with enough room for your areo bars and perhaps a cycling computer mount.

The Fred Stem will add .60″ to your steerer tube’s stack height. Make sure your fork steerer tube is long enough.

Weight will be about 150 grams.

Price will be about $50, available in late January.

Need one sooner?

We’ll do a custom Fred Bar, you call the specs, for $75-$100 powdercoated and on your doorstep. Drop us a line to get it going.



  1. coolness put me down for one!

  2. That’s a lotta gear for a bike!

  3. Sweet idea, Brendan. I really believe there’s a market for niche parts of all kinds these days.

  4. Let me know when they’re available…I’ll take one, too!

  5. Would like one when ready. Please drop me a line!

  6. I want a Fred Bar and I hear they are going bac into production. When and how can I get one?

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