Posted by: Brendan | November 19, 2008

Sacha’s Song- UK bound

Sacha in the UK will have a good time getting this one muddy-


Her Song 55 no only features great fit and a lightweight tubeset- but comes ready to take on muddy trails.

The bike’s front center is lengthened just a touch to keep the front end stable- the 73.5 degree seat angle combined with the 70.5 degree head angle helps here. Her bb height is raised just a touch to give the bike an all around good handling personality while clearing more of her trails’ roots.

The rear end of the bike tucks the wheel under her, with 16.75″ stays and excellent mud clearance- up to a 2.35″ mud tire. The new 3D yoke is pocketed on the bottom (not the top like many yokes) to aid in mud evacuation.


Sacha’s frame also features integrated Crud Catcher mounts, so she can ride with less mud on her teeth and no zip ties on the down tube.




  1. Pretty sweet! Is the longer seat tube/taller brace just for her, or a preview of things to come?

  2. Chris, it’s more of a challenge for a small woman’s frame than it is for, say, your taller frame. Tall guys afford a little more design real estate.

  3. Hip, hip. Cherreo, my good chum.

  4. dig the fender mount fer sure!

  5. Pretty hot lookin’ rig there Brendan.

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