Posted by: Brendan | October 31, 2008

Mike in Moab

Mike, a guide in Moab will be taking his new song into the wild

And this bike is built for a little extra abuse. Mike’s a big guy, especially when he’s loaded down with guide gear, so we needed to design an extra-durable frame for him.

We came up with this:

His Song is designed for his longer rides, with the capability to hit the techy stuff. His bike has a slightly longer wheelbase, with longer stays for extra stability on rides like the White Rim.

We designed the front end to be optimal with a Maverick DUC 32 fork, and machined the head tube to be just long enough to put the bars where he likes them without the use of any spacers. Not only will it look good, but it also keeps the front end plenty stiff to handle hard riding on the dual crown fork.

Mike’s seat tube is bigger than our usual 31.8mm OD. His Song 29 uses an oversized 34.9mm tube to provide extra stiffness. Seatpost will be 31.6mm.

His frame uses heavy-duty tubing throughout, and incorporates a torque brace on the non-drive-side dropout to counteract brake caliper torque. The frame weighs only 4.8 lbs- not bad for an extra-large, heavy duty softy.

We machined a sliver of titanium off Mike’s flex plate- about .015″ which is just enough to make installation and removal of the rear end quick and easy. Mike will be taking his Song to Vietnam during Moab’s off-season for some guide work, and will be able to utilize the Song’s packing versatility.

The translucent black powdercoat (or Jello black?) with subdued black-on-grey decals looks really good… but doesn’t scream “steal me!” Also, the darker powder holds up well to abuse- and this bike will see a lot wear from loading and unloading into vehicles, traveling, and mileage.


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