Posted by: Brendan | October 22, 2008

Long Haul Truckin’

Matt, the Long Haul Trucker breezed into Idyllwild yesterday

Turns out this cat has more than 11,000 miles under his tires since he started his trip this spring. Great guy, bike lover to the core.

We had the pleasure to hang with Matt, the long haul trucker for most of the day, then he spent the night crashed on our couch. This was a regular thing for us once upon a time- when we lived on the TransAmerica Route in Murphysboro, Illinois. Idyllwild? Not so much the through-rider’s destination.

Mary shared some great ride ideas and they swapped crazy-person-on-a-bike stories. We also went to see a couple short films put on by the Idyllwild Sustainability group, a small group of citizens up here on the mountain who have some community-minded ideas…

Good stuff.

It was hard not to ride today… so I gave in. Cannon, from Leadville, tempted me into a May Valley jaunt that was sure to please.

Then beer.

And nachos. Nachos!


Long Haul Truckin’

Warm showers

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