Posted by: Brendan | October 17, 2008

King of Cardboard

The next 65 Sirens (maybe more?) will ship in these boxes

It’s been a long time coming! Our own custom bike boxes are here.

The next 65 sirens- maybe more- will ship in these boxes. They’re designed to accommodate up to two padded frames; handy for bike shop deliveries and saving on shipping costs.

Very Sireny!



  1. Looks like they need World Bicycle Relief stickers on them!

  2. And Pedal 1 Long stickers! Things are moving along for you guys, that’s great!

  3. Very classy! You definitely know how to send those Sirens off in style.

  4. Thanks. Gotta say it’s a step in the right direction.
    OJ- those two SS’s will arrive in these boxes!

  5. I will keep the box forever next to my bed and it will be the first thing i look at in the morning

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