Posted by: Brendan | October 7, 2008

Tiffany’s Song

Tiffany in Phoenix took her new song out for a spin last weekend…

… on 67 miles of dirt, at Tour of the White Mountains in Show Low, Arizona.

We finished off the frame just in time for her to build it up and make the drive to the race venue. Her first ride on the new bike was a tough one- 67 miles of singletrack and dirt roads- many of which were pretty rough. Then, to top if off, she finished the race in pouring rain!

Her Song 55 sports a classic brown & blue color scheme, though she might try some pink decals as well, which will match her pink Chris King headset. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, by the way… She also gets the new yoke, and a customized women’s fit. Other features include a low standover height, with enough room to clear two large water bottles- which can be challenging to find on some small women’s frames.

It was a pleasure to meet Tiffany and Will this weekend at the race. Mary took watch over our expo tent this time, which afforded me the opportunity to ride with Matt. I rode along with Tiffany for a while as well; a pack of three riders on Sirens. Very nice!



  1. Dang, Brendan, you’re just cranking them out! I really like the brown color on this one. Very cool!

  2. Yeah, a 67 mile spin on a new bike puts it to the test pretty quickly.

    The bike was just as I expected, so balanced, rocked on the climbs, and took the edge off the techy sections. There’s just something special that happens on the bike when you are getting tired, it’s just so very forgiving- I think people who ride Songs know what I’m talking about. I could not be happier with the bike!


    Tiffany in Phoenix

  3. Wow, what a difference a year makes. Last year this time you were so excited about your Song design…that hasn’t faded at all and they keep popping outta your oven!

    Keep spreading that bike love.

  4. Looove the brown and Blue!

  5. Thanks guys. Yeah, it was about a year ago wasn’t it Dave? Cool stuff. They’re so much more refined now, and I’m still very excited about them. Simple, effective suspension design.

    Lucas! stay tuned. Got a polar opposite in the line… 🙂

  6. […] Will is a repeat customer, of sorts… as Will’s special friend, Tiffany, built up a Song 55 last fall. Check out Tiffany’s bike here. […]

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