Posted by: Brendan | October 2, 2008

James’ Fifty-Five

James and Stephanie will finally have a complementary Sirens.

Stephanie was one of our earliest customers, with a pink hydra we built to suit her small build, and a powderoat that matched her teddy bear. It was a stellar build and remains in my mind as one of the knockouts we’ve done. She’s gorgeous, don’t you think?

I got to know James and Stephanie at races and rides, and while visiting Tucson for down time. I was stoked to have a chance to build a bike for him. He does a lot of photography at Epic Rides events and I hope to see this bike out there soon.

The build

The fab went very smoothly, darned good miters and clean cuts all around.

His Fifty-Five shares her Hydra’s lines.

Weld- Mike’s torch mated these tubes into eternal union.

Back from powdercoat- a polar opposite of his black & yellow road bike

The buildup

James picked a build mix of solid componetry that will last. The Reba 29, NoTubes wheels, Thomson stem & post and Avid BB-7s highlight the build.

We’ll be taking this bike with us to the Tour of the White Mountains this weekend, where James’ friend Chris from Cirrus Visual will pick it up for hand-delivery. James tells me he’s already blocked out time this week to get some laps in at Fantasy Island.

I can’t wait to see the two Sirens together!



  1. The beautiful work from Siren, just keeps on coming!! Sorry we won’t be seeing it in person at the Tour of the White Mtns. this year 😦

    My recovery after hard efforts this year, has been taking forever, it seems, and my body isn’t ready for a binge this weekend. Have fun out there. That Show Low area is primo.


  2. I love the pink bike!!

  3. Hey guys- yep, there’s a lotta bikes going through our doors recently. I’ll put up pics of a brown & baby blue Song we just finished, too.

    The TOWM ride/race was good, and the rain waited until after the race this year for a change! 😉

    Chris, get to feeling better soon. Still lots of good riding season left this year!

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