Posted by: Brendan | September 29, 2008

Gindle-icious Trauco

Matt and I built this frame together, tag-team style.

Matt & Katie visited from Tucson a few weeks back… just before they made their plans to get married public. (yay!!) It was a fun weekend of relaxation and tinkering in the shop. Katie took the opportunity to catch up on some reading… that week I’d guess she was probably 2 or 3 books behind her normal library-consuming pace.

Cielo chills too…

It was a lot of fun; explaining the intricacies by doing. Matt’s got a good set of opposable thumbs, so he was a good partner in the shop. (Dave remains the best four-legged shop partner)

Like eating brownie batter…

We finished the frame fab one week, then I welded it (after hours of course) the next week. When Matt & Katie were in town for a second visit we built it up, raw out of heat treat, for a quick ride in May Valley before sending it off to powdercoat.

To help Matt resist the temptation of bringing the bike home and keeping it raw (not Sireny), I stickered it with a lovely color palate of pinks and pastel greens. 🙂

After long last, the frame is finally back from powdercoat, in a green that seems to play tricks with a digital camera’s pixels. It’s quite lovely. Combined with burnt red decals with a black trim it really pops.

Matt will be riding his green Trauco this weekend, hopefully along with me, at the Tour of the White Mountains in Show Low, Arizona.

Can’t wait.


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