Posted by: Brendan | September 28, 2008

Vegas, meet Dingus.

Lots to catch up on in blog-land.

Since the 24 we’ve had no fewer than four frames come back from powdercoat; every one of them with a special story. It’s been busy ’round here- even Interbike felt much more like *work* than it has in years past.

One shining moment stands out from the trip to Vegas…

Behold: Dingus.

I love hand-deliveries. The satisfaction that comes from a making a customer happy is very reassuring. Addictive, even. Craig, from World Bicycle Relief has been a friend of ours for years, going back to our time in college together. We worked at rival bike shops- across the street from one another– and used to make dirty faces to each other through the showroom windows.

Dingus sports Truvativ Hammerschmidt compatibility, with full-length cable routing to the magicmechanicwidgetwhatchamabobber on the down tube. She also has singlespeed dropouts and can therefore be ridden as a two-speed…  The matted, 20,000 leagues under the sea black powdercoat and subdued decals *might* help Craig achieve some street cred whilst riding around Chicago (my home town!) and the nearby trails at Palos.

Oh yeah, and we managed to escape Las Vegas on Friday for a good singletrack session at Gooseberry Mesa with Mike of NoTubes and his friend Jeff. Mary can tell you all about that trip. 🙂



  1. I’m still twitching with excitement. thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Me too Craig. Really happy to have you on a bike I built.

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