Posted by: Brendan | September 21, 2008

Todd Doesn’t Win 24 Hours of Hurkey Creek

That’s right: Todd didn’t win- that seems just as newsworthy as the wins he’s had on our home course!

That said, he ran a smart race, rolling with the punches as they came: minor mechanicals, a major mechanical (which I’ll tell you about in a moment), and another hurdle (which I’ll leave for Todd to divulge, if he’d like to do so).

We had a good crew, as usual. Friends and family always make 24’s more fun, for racer and pit crew alike. Shannon and Becky came out from Wisconsin, and Bonnie & Todd’s young’n, Finn, was on site calling the shots. Mary took the opportunity to see a race from the pit’s perspective, as she’s still recovering from Tour Divide.

Todd ran his Fifty-Five hardtail and his Song 55. The hardtail ran strong all day and night, but the Song had some shock trouble… the air can came unthreaded and let all the air out, leaving Todd with a dead shock until the end of the lap. Unfortunately, the second half of the course is predominantly downhill.

All in all, a great weekend- it was nice to see so many locals and SoCal people at a race for a change! Most of the races we go to seem to bring a group of regulars from all over the western states; but this race was attended by a bunch of Hemet guys we’d never met before. I hope to get out with these guys on the trail soon! Tony, from the Singlespeed Summit way back when, Greg from John Wayne Cancer Foundation… and more. And, Dave, if you come by this post, let’s get out on the fat-bikes soon! (just as soon as I build one)

Props to Dez Wilder, who hammered the course for the solo win. He ran a hard race with the help of some locals who stepped in to pit for him when his home crew couldn’t make it. I won’t be surprised if we start seeing his name at the bigger races soon.



  1. Bummer on the Mech, but sounds like he was dialed in physically. Better luck next time.

  2. Sorry to hear about Todd’s mechanical issues!

    Hey, we ran into a Siren in Durango today, turns out the owner is from Idyllwild. Can’t recall his name, I’m sure Matt will tell you about it. It’s a small world. 🙂

  3. Hi Brendan, it was nice talking to you about the Fat Bikes. It would be cool to ride with other Fat Bike riders. I hope you build one soon. Take care, Dave.

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