Posted by: Brendan | September 9, 2008

What makes Jeff sing?

Photos don’t do this justice-

But to me, they never do. Sometimes, after we spend so much time working on the little details, the camera just seems to miss it.

Jeff’s bike is actually an off-white, not the pearl white we’ve used before. It’s hard to catch the subtle hue under the afternoon sun. And the burgundy decals work splendidly with it. Very classy finish.

Jeff’s bike gets the first of our new 3D yoke

For this yoke we put in a capturing slot for the M6 nut, rather than threading the material. This keeps with the rest of the Song design, which uses common hardware and keeps all threads in replaceable items. Every bolt on the Song is M6 x 18 or 20, both common sizes in the bicycle world.

More fun shop work to come this week… then, a quick backpacking trip with friends this weekend. Can’t wait!


  1. The new yoke looks vary nice.

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