Posted by: Brendan | August 21, 2008

Cutting tubes: a road bike for Cindy

In the jig: a road bike for Cindy, the better half of No Tubes…

Yeah I know- we don’t make road bikes! It’s a little different animal than a typical road bike: designed with flat bars in mind to be gentle on Cindy’s back- and built for disk brakes, around a Ritchey carbon ‘cross fork. Tires might get bigger for some situations, so there will be clearance for that, too. It’s a truly multipurpose, fun and fast bike.

Tomorrow I’ll work on the stays and report back.

The color selection on this will be fun!

I really enjoyed working with metal today- after a few days of boxing bikes and chasing the UPS driver around it was good to make some chips!

Dave wants to know: When do we get a break?!


  1. You never stop amazing me! What’s he little fendered bike in the background?

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