Posted by: Brendan | August 20, 2008

The purple, rohloff’d, belt-driven, stans’d Song 29

Chinese tradition says purple is the philosopher’s color…

…and a lot of thought went into this bike. Rick in Boulder will be riding this one soon, with all the aforementioned goodies along for what should be a very low maintenance ride. It will ship Thursday. We might be making a special “belt drive” version of the flex plate for this one.

the purple color was inspired by the palate of the early 90’s Bridgestones. Unfortunately, I used flash on these photos which tends to “blue” photos.

we added a brace in front of the sliders to counteract the added torque of the Speedhub. NoTubes built the wheelset, which is a Rohloff OEM2 rear hub, with a polished Hope Pro II front hub. Both are laced to Arch 29 rims.



  1. That’s some gorgeous philosophy there.

  2. Now that TMU is going to get something done for you.

    The bike is mighty exciting too

  3. What is the block on concrete that I keep seeing that the frame is sitting on?

  4. It’s hard sometimes to see these bikes go away on the UPS truck- I get attached!

    Matt, the TMU works much better right side up.
    Rhino- the block thingy is the aforementioned Matt’s design… active masonry, in a nutshell. I won’t do the explanation justice so you might check out his blog.

  5. Is it possible to do a rohloff belt drive?

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