Posted by: Brendan | August 18, 2008

Song Trio

These three are shipping tomorrow-

They’re each delicious in their own way.

First, Ann in North Carolina will be riding her sequin dress-inspired black beauty. It’s a small Song 55 with a few extra considerations taken to fit her better. The new style air can on the damper will look good with her black-and-polished build.

Next, Brian in Michigan should enjoy this translucent red Song 55

Next, Brad Majors in Chicago will build up his World Bicycle Relief themed Song 55. He’ll be seen going fast on it at Shenandoah 100 and the Moab 24.

Coming soon: Rick in Boulder’s Bridgestone-inspired, Rohloff built, belt-driven Song 29… that’ll be hot!



  1. Damn I likes the red/white and white/red!
    And another thing, you gotta turn that TMU right side up all proper like……californians.

  2. Ditto on the red/white, white/red!

    The pics of your new digs in a previous post look sweet too.


  3. Generally, I dig white bikes. They take on the personality of whatever decal you put on them, which is nice to have some options.

    Matt- I’ll flip the Thermal MU for ya. I thought if we held it upside down maybe it could reverse polarity and perhaps even cool the polar ice caps?

    Chris- thanks senior. The new digs are coming along, with some fun stuff happening with furniture. There’s never enough time in the day…

  4. man those frames are looking good!

    I’m interested to hear how the belt-drive/rohloff turns out. sounds pretty awesome to me!


  5. The Rohloff bike is coming out of powdercoat today. The customer lives in Boulder (home of the belt drive) and should be getting this bike rolling soon.

    We built a pair of Rohloff/Hope/No Tubes Arch 29 wheels for him… it’s gonna be hawt.

    I’ll post pics of the frame when it comes through.

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