Posted by: Brendan | August 13, 2008


But not the kind with spray paint

Mary sent me a “you’ve been tagged” thingy, which made the morning walk under the bridge on the Creek Trail with Dave the Wundermutt all the more appropriate. The bridge under the highway is a magnet for local teens looking for a place to be naughty… behold Idyllwild tag art!

Usually I don’t get into the touchy-feeley internet stuff… heartwarming e-mails with subject lines like “Fwd, fwd, fwd, re, fwd: pass to someone you care about” pretty much make me want to vomit… but this is perhaps a little more personal, so I’ll indulge…

What was I doing ten years ago?

I had just returned to the US from a deployment in Kuwait. Mary and I decided that it was high time we got to know one another- we’d been married for 9 months or so after all! We were on a road trip throughout New Mexico and Colorado, with two bikes and two dogs- Dave & Sugar (bless that dog!).

What are five non-work things on my to-do list today?

This is hard to define for me recently- my job & non-job time are all grey areas.

1. blog

2. fabricate a new towel rack for the bathroom- aluminum of course

3. call Doug, schedule a bike ride for after work

4. do something nice for Mary

5. go to the Idy Arts potluck, if time permits

Snacks I enjoy?

Candied Ginger, good trail mix, peaches.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire.

Assuming I actually earned this billion dollars, I’d probably make the dangerous assumption that I’m a smart guy… perhaps smart enough to buy some small island nation and set up a new government?

edit: 8.25.8- not a chance on the above. I’d actually buy a nice (really nice) hammock and sip cool drinks, make killer bikes and ride all the time.

Places I have lived:

Grew up in Chicago, Illinois

7 mos in Biloxi, MS

Stationed in Alamogordo, NM

Valdosta, GA too

looong deployments to Kuwait, Turkey, Italy, Bosnia, Azores

Carbondale, IL

Idyllwild, CA

Jobs I have had:

Bike shop rat for 16 years, mostly part time

HH-60 helicopter Avionics Technician


Pharmacy Technician

Cable Machine Operator

KC-135 avionics guy

Classified courier while in the USAF

Carpet Cleaner

Project Manager at Intense

Professional handyman

Bouldering Crash-Pad Sewing guy

Siren Dude (my favorite)

Guide/Trip Leader for 30-day wilderness therapy trips. aka- hoods in the woods 😉

So now I’m supposed to pass this on… please don’t voodoo me

I’m gonna go out on a limb with this and spread it geographically-

Guitar Ted

Chris in Chicago

Matt Turgeon

Dave Nice

Tag away!


  1. So Matt has now been tagged twice. I tagged him too. What does that mean?!? My Dad was stationed in Turkey for a year, but he left the family at home. 😦 Would have been an interesting visit.

    Candied ginger…yummmm….

  2. Hey, why is it tagged ‘vomit’?

  3. Jeni- don’t let Matt think that one tag undoes the first! He’s on the hook now! Turkey- I was actually there twice, the first time for four months or so, the second time for just a few weeks. On that trip I managed to get out quite a bit- I traveled pretty far East on that trip on Christmas day…. yes, I was feeling adventurous! Visited the first or second Christian “church” there- in quotes because it is essentially a cave…

    Yumi- I sometimes like to pick a random, unique word out of the body of the post and use it as a tag. Kinda my way of throwing a monkeywrench in the web’s organization… that’ll show ’em!

  4. dude! Tagged twice in two months…

    Answers forthcoming

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