Posted by: Brendan | August 11, 2008

The Flow

In the shop, on the trail, and at home…

Busy times and good rides have kept me away from the blog- that’s good!

At home

We’ve moved into new digs- making the move from part-time Sirening to full-time all the more concrete. Now we hang our hats in the middle of town- walking distance to most everything in Idyllwild… riding distance to everything else. 🙂 Flow is easy inside too- plenty of room and good vibes here.

The new pad was recently an second-floor art gallery, the kind you’d visit on late summer evenings to feel cultured and sip free wine. It’s a big space, with good natural light- not common in Idy- and a great hangout for beer drinking and storytelling… we love it. It’s just about the closest thing to a city loft space you’ll find in the mountains.

It’s also a good excuse to make some new furniture- my first foray into the world of MDF… any guesses what the bookcase’s feet are made of?

I have a few more projects to come…

In the shop

Bikes are flowing in and out the door. This week, we’re shipping Brian’s red Song 55, Ann’s stealth black Song 55, and Rick’s “Bridgestone purple” Song 29. Today we took orders for a number of new Song projects…

On the trail

Scott came down to Idyllwild for a visit last weekend. We took him on some new trail in May Valley.

This last weekend Mary hosted her slideshow at the new house- we threw a party that was both a celebration of her completion of the hardest mtb race in the world (there, I said it) and moving into the new space. About 30 people came for the bash.

We hit some good trail- some new stuff Scott didn’t see on his last visit, and sessioned quite a bit of techy gnar. I crashed a fair bit, but cleaned some tough moves too.

Dave sending The Spine Trail’s namesake…

Chad wore his big boy pants and cleaned “the rock” out on the, err… secret trail.

And me gettin’ Jedi on the topside of The Rock. It’s quite heady.

I propose we name it Ant Killer, as your riding buddies look like little ants you could squish between your thumb and index finger! 😉

Flow on, rubber down.



  1. Nice… Nice… Nice! I like it. Good to see you out on the trails again too. I’m glad you’re gettin a head start on me while I recover. 🙂 Scott’s photos look great (and the bookshelf does too!)

  2. Whole lotta fun…
    Can I get a Zep riff

  3. Brendan,

    Thanks for putting me up for the weekend, and all the great riding. Can’t wait to do it again. I think that if I ride May Valley a half dozen more times or so, I’ll remember more of the trails: Logpile, Snakeskin, (ahem) the secret trail. That’s all I have…

    Harden Up

    (my money is still on Mary)

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