Posted by: Brendan | July 19, 2008

Getting Organized

We worked out a general idea for a Production Control system today

After a good morning of work in the shop, Phil stopped by to share some insight on Production Control, i.e. the system with which we will manage orders, allocated commodities, and build batches. The system will be built departmentally, with infrastructure in place for some growth in the future (taking on employees, etc). For starters, we’ll be organizing an eight week forecast for orders, frames waiting for material, released to production, etc. Then, in the shop we’ll have a breakdown for Fab, Weld, Straighten & Thermal Treatment, Powdercoat, and Prep. These will be done likely with a magnetic board, laid up in a graphic, easy-to-read from a distance sort of way.

On a related note

We’re moving off the Arts Campus (seems like we just moved!) and into a new pad, close to the shop. We looked at one today we really liked, an upstairs cosmopolitan-for-Idyllwild space. These particular digs offer high ceilings, plenty of room for the Siren office (and the big magnetic board) with good entertaining space. Additionally, it’s above a yoga studio & an art gallery. Cool, eh? well, it gets better- it’s a block away from the shop. 😉


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