Posted by: Brendan | July 12, 2008

Silver City and the road to Antelope Wells

Mary & Steve are making a run for the border

They left Gila Hike & Bike at 1:15 this afternoon, with plans to push “as far as we can,” which could very well be the border. I met up with them this morning, outside of Mimbres on the last major climb of the GDMBR. They were climbing strong, despite having clocked more than 2,500 miles since the start.

It was nice to see the route today… Last night when I got word they were stopping short of Silver City I thought “For crying out loud; why don’t they just push and get it over with?!” – the rocky, muddy roads & steep climbs reminded me that this is no walk in the park. Driving out there made me feel rather embarrassed, and self conscious.

They stopped in Silver City to refuel, make calls, & get some work done on Steve’s bike at Gila Hike & Bike. Cool shop. Mary looks good! This was the first time I’d seen her in about a month, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Her legs, swollen (grotesquely) a couple weeks ago look good. Really good! Chiseled, I’d say. 🙂

So now I’m killing time in Silver City, at the Javalina coffee shop. Another nice place. I think we’ll end up back in this way for a little decompression after the race. Review here.

Speaking of coffee houses- Wilko in Tucson- reason # 6,382 I like Tucson.

Rebecca, the owner, not only has the best espresso in the city; but an innumerable amount of tasty treats & fun items, all of which compliment the Velo lifestyle. They’re at the west end of the UA campus, on University Ave.

I found a great shirt for Mary a shirt there- she had many to choose from and the selection process was not easy. I’d like to see Dave & Yumi get their work on the Wilko shelves. The Bikeman shirt perhaps?

Oh yeah, and the haircut at Dapper Grooming Lounge qualifies as reason # 6,383… This was more than *just* a haircut. Cold beer (High Life or PBR), a pool table, a motorcycle, and back issues of Bizarre Magazine all enhanced the grooming experience.

After the much-needed grooming, we had lunch at Little Cafe Poca Cosa, related to Cafe Poca Cosa, proper.

Food this good would cost twice as much in SoCal. Oh yeah, Matt- since you stole my green shirt (pictured) I returned the favor. See if you can guess which shirt I took… 🙂

Well, it’s high time to get beer and head south. See you when we get back!



  1. So glad you finally got to see Mary. You got a haircut?! How much shorter can it be? ^_^ The girls and I chopped our off too. Now David has the longest hair in our family! Give Mary a big hug for me for a job well done. We’ll see you both soon.

  2. Wow amigo, wild times you are living. Gonna be great to hear the stories she has to tell!

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