Posted by: Brendan | July 11, 2008

En Route to the FINISH

Soon it’ll be time to see Mary finish the race

She’ll be coming in to Antelope Wells soon; tomorrow. I’m so excited to see her finish the Tour Divide. It’s been a long time coming. A lot of mental, emotional, and financial investment went into this. From what I can tell, it’s been worth every bit of it. It’s been longer and harder than we’d even imagined. I’ve been far more engaged than I thought I’d be. Her race is an accomplishment in many, many ways. For women, for men, for racing & cycling in general- but most of all for her.

I’ve been visualizing that moment for a long time now- seeing her come into view up a dusty road, bike swaying gently with each tired pedal stroke. I have no idea if it will be like that at all though… I’m have no idea whatsoever. Mary V 3.0 coming in to the end. I might lose it.

What will she look like? Has she lost weight? Ardie Olson reportedly lost almost 15 lbs- not sure Mary could afford that… I do expect her to be hungry, and tired though. I’m going to get a high end bottle of tequila for the occasion. Beer too, hopefully Tim the border guard has some Tecate (or suitable substitute) on hand. She’ll need plenty of ice cream, flowers, and rest I’m sure. I hope we can escape somewhere for a couple days before we go home. She’ll need some serious decompression, I’m sure.

Later this evening I’ll be meeting with Mike Dion in New Mexico. I’m happy he’ll be there at the end.

Heading to New Mexico later today.

Unfortunately, Albuquerque didn’t pan out; I woke up yesterday with a bad sinus headache & didn’t feel up for the trip. I’ll have to visit Jen, Stagewest, and Bikeworks another time.

Instead, I went out for a ride with my good pal Matt. It was a warm- not hot- day in the Tucson Mountains. Overcast with a little breeze. Very nice riding, though I was feeling sluggish.

Later, we met up with Eric, a friend from college who just moved to Tucson. We enjoyed a couple boats of sushi, followed by a little town ride on a pair of Traucos and the infamous ExtraSiren. A little foot-down and bike fun was just what we needed after filling up on sushi.

We came upon a baseball game in town, at the stadium the Colorado Rockies use for spring training. There’s been some debate between Matt & I over whether or not the players were Little League, or if they were grown-ups… They might have been kids- but if they were, they sure had some STRONG throwing arms.

Today, I’ve been taking care of some emails & phone calls. I’m also meeting with John, a recent Siren customer, to help him tune-in his new ride. Yes- I make house calls, if I’m in the area. 🙂

Also, before I leave I’m stopping by the Dapper Grooming Lounge in downtown Tucson. I need a haircut. From what I hear, you can get a haircut & a beer at this place. By their myspace page it looks like a good time waiting to happen.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m off!



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