Posted by: Brendan | July 9, 2008

Heading Out

It’s time to pack up & get outta Dodge!

The Super Trauco is coming with, along with camping gear, maybe some beer, and some fresh clothes for Mary. I’ll be spending the night in Tucson, visiting with Matt first, then pushing on to Albuquerque tomorrow for a ride & frame delivery to Jen. (Yep, hand-deliveries are fun) Hopefully a visit with a local shop, too.

She’ll be riding this:

Meanwhile, Mary is coming in to Grants, NM with Steve G. They’ll presumably restock there & push on toward Pie Town tonight. From the sounds of it, they’ll have about two days with NO food opportunities. Felix Wong, ahead of them, has had some seriously tough times in the Gila, running out of food, water, tubes, you name it. Really tough weather to boot.



  1. Hey Brendan,
    You’ve probably got a lot on your plate this trip, but if we can be of any assistance don’t hesitate to ask, and if you’d like to get a ride together let me know. I’ll email you my phone # and you’ve got the email.

  2. Nice frame, and that was some fast turnaround! I think Jen will like it. 🙂 I drove through Cuba on my way home from Alb and was thinking of Mary the whole way through that icky little town!

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