Posted by: Brendan | July 8, 2008

Green Machine, more Songs… Super Trauco

I’ve been remiss in my bike-build posting.

Come to think of it, I didn’t even get a pic of the white 55 singlespeed that went to John in Washington. John, if you’re reading this can I get a pic? 😉

The last one to go out was this beauty, a Song 29 singlespeed going to Dan in Phoenix. It’s at The Path right now getting all gussied up & ready to ride. We’ve worked out an arrangement whereby I have parts shipped to them, and they supply some, and do final assembly & shipping for us. It’s been working really well & gives me more time to cut tubes.

I figured out how to use the camera part of my new Crackberry. Still need Mary’s help to switch my web-based email over to Outlook & on to the gadget… so, if you’re a customer & wonder why I can’t reply to email within 30 seconds… that’s the scoop.

Early this morning, I pulled another frame out of the oven and passed it on to Dave, who happens to work very close to Debbie, our Powdercoater. This next one will be coated Smoke Black, and shipping to Cannon in Leadville. He’s got plans for that bike… Can’t wait to see it come together.

The SuperTrauco

With all the fun I had over the weekend making that Tyvek Bivy, I dressed up my ol’ blue Trauco for overnight missions. (Locals will know about my wildlife encounter Sunday night. Let’s just say I came home early.) Missing from the pic is the bar bag, which is a Silnylon dry bag strapped to the Jones bars. I’m still tinkering with the bottle placements. I do not like the bottles where they are on the fork legs. Might work in front, up higher better. Still, unsuspended weight on a suspension fork is no fun.

Well, I’m done with morning business. Off to the shop. To Ann, Brad, Brian, Rick: your bikes really are coming together; you’ll have ’em in no time! You too Craig & Cindy!



  1. I’ve never run bottles like that on a sus fork on a steel rigid it almost acts as a damper of sorts…

    That green is lovely!

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