Posted by: Brendan | July 3, 2008

Mary in Salida- with her twin Julie

Just found this on Editweapon’s twitter:

Julie popped in unexpectedly to greet Mary while her bike was being wrenched on at Absolute.

Yes- that’s right: there’s another Mary-like person out there. The kids are hers. 😉



  1. Hey Brendan, It is hard being the mom of a divide daughter. She is doing awesome and she is tough. I have to remember her race is just that hers. No matter what she decides to finish or stop or whatever, it is her decision. I know how important this race is to her. BTW she is doing wonderfully cool. Love to all. Hang in there fellow blue dot junkie. MOM

  2. Good to hear it Marie.
    Mary will finish this race; that’s what she’s planned since day one & she has a strategy to do it.
    She’s still close with the rest of the field & she’ll be entering the final state today.
    I know that GDR near-finishers from years past, and this year, do not feel the same gratification that finishers have. Mary has brought this up with me & has committed do doing the whole enchilada.

    She’s doing very well- out there on her bike, covering miles, and takin’ care of business.

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