Posted by: Brendan | June 26, 2008

Mary finds her new legs- I build a bike

So it seems my lovely spouse & I have been leading parallel lives, several thousand miles apart.

-hopefully she’s drinking less beer than me. 😉

I’d had a lethargic week in the shop. Mary had a lethargic start to her week racing the Tour Divide. Yesterday, I got organized & made a plan of action. Mary found her legs. Today I rocked hard in the shop & cranked out most of what will be a beautiful new Song 29. I also put the final preps into another gorgeous Song, a green machine going to Phoenix. I really, really wish I could get a photo up of this bike…

Which leads to the next talking point- I got myself a Blackberry. Whoa. This gadget can probably launch a Space Shuttle, let alone keep me in touch with customers & suppliers. Too bad I’m not technically savvy enough to set up the email on my own… but, I’m not in that much of a hurry, truth be told. 😉 Mainly I like being able to read the Tour Divide blog anywhere I want. Yes, I’m a Blue Dot Junkie. Yes, we’re gonna need a 12 step program when this race is over!

So, on the roller coaster that is the life of a Tour Divide Spouse, I’m going up. What happens at the top again?

To follow Mary’s badassery, check out her blog. I just put up a new post for her this evening.

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