Posted by: Brendan | June 19, 2008

Swollen legs in Butte

This is a cross-post from Mary’s blog

Mary had some trouble with her Gabcast at the hotel & asked me to post this-

Mary’s legs have been swelling like “sausages” in her words- are tight to the touch & painful, and darkening in color. The swelling came on yesterday & worsened today- she took short days in an effort to recover.

She still has her great attitude & believes, after consult with her coach & others, that recovery will come & she’ll come back into the race even stronger. She believes the swelling is a natural reaction to the long days in the saddle & that she will adapt.

At her hotel this evening, she’s using the RICE guideline: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. She soaked in an ice bath in the room & found herself some children’s tights, which she’ll use to cut the legs off & use as compression socks. She’ll keep her legs elevated & rest up in her room.

Her tentative plan is to be on route early in the morning & see how far she can get without stressing her legs too much.



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