Posted by: Brendan | June 18, 2008

Frieda- in detail

Pardon my absence, I’ve been totally consumed by the race.

Mary took off from Banff, AB last Friday & has been riding a strong, smart race ever since. She’s in Lincoln, MT, as I type this. Having my spouse out there has been an adventure in itself, though incomparable to what I’m sure she’s experiencing…

Oh- and before I forget: here’s a new, very good SPOT leaderboard page to use. Thanks to Jeni T for that one. 🙂 The site leaderboard went a little crazy but this, along with the one on MTBcast is good. Jeni’s allows you to look in by specific rider, so it’s my favorite now.

So, about the bike:

Mary is riding a Song 29, named Frieda. She’s purpose built for this job. Some racers are secretive about their gear selection but Mary told me it’s ok to share. I’ll tell you about the bike- if you want to know what’s in the packs you’ll have to ask Mary. 😉


Song 29 softail, easygoing bike, Cane Creek damper- make to take abuse.

Low bottom bracket, slack head angle for low CG & stability on fast gravel roads.

Large front triangle for *cargo room* (thanks to Jeff’s handiwork at Carousel Design Works)

Full length cable housing to handle all weather conditions

3 h20 holders

3+ hand positions, including the custom “Fred Bar” we made to mount the Syntace XXS aero bars. The Fred bar also affords an shorter, upright position to ease the back muscles. Primary bar is an On One Mary bar. Bars are taped to be comfy in all temp ranges.

Rock Shox Reba SL 29″ fork- 80mm setting

No Tubes wheelset- American Classic hubs laced to 355 29″er rims

Kenda Small Block 8 tires- light & fast.

Salsa skewers

Wide gearing: 11/34 Shimano XTR titanium cassette

Middleburn 20T/29T/42T crank, steel middle ring for long wear. Self-extracting bolts

Phil Wood square taper bottom bracket- smooth & extremely durable

SRAM hollowpin chain

Shimano LX front derailleur- good tire clearance for the big wheels, shifts good

SRAM X0 Blackbox long cage derailleur- wow

SRAM X0 shifters- also wow… we soldered the ends of the cables so they can easily be pulled for lubrication

Avid Juicy Carbon brakes, 6″ rotors

Time ATAC Carbon XS pedals

and that’s about all I can think of at the moment. Cool, eh?! 🙂


  1. B – Just curious, what the bags weight, I probably should ask Jeff. Any idea what the loaded bags weight also? wondering…

  2. Mary is truly riding a great race! I can only imagine the butterflies in our stomach each day! Frieda is amazing!!

  3. Hey Brendan, you back? Want to check in with you about the shirts. Email me: Talk to you soon! Hope Mary’s having fun.

  4. Rhino, since the bags are custom, they can weigh in differently from one design to another, depending on materials, etc.

    Loaded gear weight is in the 13 lb range.

    Lucas- word, this is good, good stuff. Butterflies come & go, that’s for sure.

    Ma Bliss: I’ll be back in Idyllwild Friday.

  5. […] year, I was a Blue Dot Junkie as we watched Mary pilot her Song 29, Frieda, to Antelope Wells, NM. Bruce was […]

  6. […] She used our wheels, ZTR 355 29er, DT revolution spokes and American Classic hubs. On her custom husband made Siren Song 29, named Frieda. Read the full list of gear […]

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