Posted by: Brendan | June 6, 2008

Party at our house! (and, is there pie in Pie Town?)

So if you’re within earshot of this blog- and walking/riding/jetpack distance of our house- come out Saturday for Mary’s send-off celebration!

points of interest:

* swimming- heated swimming pool. Warm “jets” too.

* grilling- animals & veggies. Probably ought to bring some of your own.

* improvisational dance by the Stephen Koplowitz Task Force in “the Troys;” tiny A frame music practice rooms 100 yards away from our house. Bonnie- the Siren Pit Boss & Todd’s better half- is the artistic director of of these lil’ sites. I saw hers this evening & was quite taken with it.

* packing- if we’re not done in time, you can help us cram important things into the car. What fun!

And, since today is Friday, an Ode to Mary & all the Tour Divide Racers:

Banff, then Eat, Sleep, Ride

Will there be pie in Pie Town?

It’s around the bend.


  1. You’ve been tagged! Check out the rules on my blog!

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