Posted by: Brendan | May 27, 2008

New Song stomps at New Fane

Chris in Chicago took his brand new Song to #2 at 12 hours of New Fane

He and the winner, as the story is told, lapped the field, other than the winning 4 person team. Fast!

Chris rode his bike for all of a week, only once on dirt, before lining up for this race. Note the World Bicycle Relief color scheme. Congrats to Brad Majors, too, on his strong 3rd place finish. (on right)

Here, an excerpt from his message to us after the race- printed with his permission:

Hey Brendan – got my first real taste of Song love yesterday – WOW!!! 12 hours at Northern Kettle, took 2nd, only guy on the lead lap w/ the winner. We lapped *everyone* except one 4-man team!!!! The bike was awesome, SO fast, so smooth – 12 hours and I felt great even at the end!

Pics and writeup to come. THANK YOU!!!!

This sort of stuff is the real inspiration to build bikes. Check out his write up for more details on his Song experience.

UPDATE: Chris wrote a very thorough review of his bike- read it here.


  1. Actually, the only dirt she saw before “GO” was for five minutes during pre-ride! Talk about a thoroughbred, the ride was flawless! Thanks again!

  2. What a great write-up! Must make you feel like a million bucks! I am so jealous….

  3. Wow Chris, I was under the impression you’d ridden it at least once on dirt before the race! Can’t wait to see how you do with it after you get used to it.

    Lucas- it looks like we’ll be busy making Songs this summer!

  4. love the pic!

  5. Yeah, I coulda predicted you’d be busy. This bike is awesome.

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