Posted by: Brendan | April 29, 2008

On the road to the Whiskey Off Road

Once again we’re buzzed from an Epic Rides event. The Whiskey Off Road in Prescott, AZ brought together both great competition & unsurpassed post-ride festivities.

We loaded the Siren Mobile Thursday night & rolled down the mountain first thing Friday AM. The early morning air was sweet & the desert was still blooming near Joshua Tree NP. We rolled through one of my favorite off-the-beaten-path towns, Brenda, Arizona.

Friday’s expo was on the courthouse lawn in downtown Prescott. The vibe was mellow & the grass was cool- we met Matt & Trish from Buzz Mug and I suspect we may have a joint project in the near future…

Saturday morning- we set up on the street, showing Mary’s Divide bike, aka “Song Longbow” for the first time.

The Song Longbow, V1

We also had a shiny new Fifty-Five singlespeed on hand

Then of course, there was the race, which Mary will fill you in on. When the racers went off we had time to visit with one another- the crew:

Bionicon guys

Dan Maloney doing his best cheshire cat impersonation

Mary, v. 2.0 of (“Mary & Matteo” fame) puttin’ in hard hours for Epic Rides & being fabulous

The racers started coming in sooner than I’d expected- certainly a LOT sooner than I would have… Skid Mark was up at the front of the pack & turned in an impressive time. He needed some dog therapy & shade when he came back. (some random dog seeking shade)

Mary was all smiles when she crossed the line. I asked her if she could have done it twice more in the same day & she answered “yes” without hesitation.

Post Race- Awards & the Pub Crawl Challenge

We packed up the expo with haste- which is no easy chore, given the Siren Mobile’s small stature & a plethora of gear & gadgets. We had: six bikes, two frames, a 10’x10′ tent, table & chairs, toolbox, t-shirt box, bike rack for 4 bikes, single stand, signage, banners, stakes, cable & lock… well, you get the point.

Awards at Coyote Joe’s- a great way to start the evening! By the time we arrived there was standing room only & the vibe was both giddy & relaxed at the same time. They say the best parties are held in spaces too small & this was no exception. Mary will have a pic with a great perspective on this… Mermaid t-shirts were seen on the podium more than a couple times.

When the hall cleared some after awards the band got to work. Unfortunately I didn’t catch their name. Anyone have it? They were good.

We found ourselves a nice spot to sit (thanks go to Katie & Mary on that one) and formulated our strategy for the Pub Crawl Challenge… Note Katie’s tan lines from her gloves- evidence of long training hours in the Sonoran sun, no doubt.

This was is the last known evidence from Saturday’s outing, save a couple blurred shots of dancing at Hooligans… Suffice it to say a good time was had by all.

Sunday Morning-

We pulled ourselves out of bed, clicked our shoes on & mounted our helmets and joined the Bionicon guys for a ride- but not before a generous portion of Prescott Coffee Roasters’ handcraft. The dark roast was heaven-sent at 9am. I rolled the new Trauco demo, a pearl white singlespeed. The following photos are courtesy of Steve Messer, of Bionicon.

Chris, a Bionicon Blood-Brother from Prescott, led the way. He brought us on a new out & back trail that had just been completed a few months ago… it was FLOW for miles!

On the return cruise (down hill) we stopped at an overlook to get some glamor shots of the crew & the rides. The new Trauco- she’s a beauty, eh?

No, we did NOT pick each other’s clothes out…

I thought this was really funny… Chris’ left chainstay. Word has it his pal & riding buddy has a matching sticker that reads “one less 26er”

The trail finally came to an end, and it was time to pack up, stop by the Prescott Brewing Company to refill the growlers (Liquid Amber & IPA) and head home.

Dave, our four legged fun-meter, gave his nod of approval.



  1. What a great weekend. Can I tell everyone that we put a starburst next to the camera and that’s why Dave is so attentive? Yeah, the matching jerseys were too cute! 😉 I picked mine first.

  2. Sweet guys! Nice beard brother!

  3. Looks like good times! I love Prescott, but my fingers have bad memories of it. In fact, one finger all on it’s own just extended a salute to Prescott.

    Is that an Element that you have there pulling a trailer? 1500-lbs towing capacity be damned eh?

  4. Matt- Subaru, not an Element. I’d guess it’s about 1k.

  5. It was great riding with you guys and hanging out for the weekend. I’m looking forward to the next one! (Reminder to self: open my eyes for group pics!)

    See ya

  6. The only thing I remember about the whiskey is that it was scorching hot and I had didn’t have an appropriate gear for climbing out of the bottom of that canyon. Great country though. Beautiful.

  7. “had didn’t”? I am a retard.

  8. Brendan,
    That event looks really fun, though I liked the cooler temps we enjoyed! Great race by Mary, and man, that Trauco is just beautiful.

  9. “Could you go out 2 more times?” Great realization!!

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