Posted by: Brendan | April 28, 2008

Todd wins 24 hours of Hurkey Creek


Super Todd once again affirmed his dominance on our most lovely home-course this past weekend, taking the win at 21 laps, besting his PR by an hour. Of course, he did this on his new Song 55 🙂

More to come from Todd soon.


  1. Nice!! Congrats Todd and Siren.

  2. We checked out the Song 55 before the race it it is freaking sweet! Todd killed it for the whole race and it was really cool to see bonnie with baby attached cleaning and lubing the bike between laps! Way to go Siren!

  3. Congrats to Todd and your Song platform on a magnificent performance!

    Now you need an “Encore” 🙂

  4. Awesome! Way to go Todd!

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