Posted by: Brendan | April 9, 2008

Song & Dance… juggling hammers

The Final Review is out.

The report is good, as far as the design & execution of the suspension goes, but Orange Julia sure coulda used a beefy tubeset for GT! Check it out.

The Gaggle of Songs is coming together nicely.

Chris from World Bicycle Relief will soon be setting sail in the Windy City with his new rig.

Super Todd (very patient) will finally have a Song to call his own. And, as he’s the only guy around here who fits the aforementioned Orange Julia, he also gets a stereophonic Song experience in one gear.

We may have yet another singlespeed tensioning method available soon.

We’re doing a little CAD work (Cardboard Aided Design) with these horizontal dropouts. We’re making a nifty caliper mount to go along with ’em. If this pans out we’ll have a highly reliable, inexpensive way to make single- liscious rides.

12 hours of Bootleg Canyon

We’re loading up the rig this weekend. Should be fun, but it’s hard to leave the shop with work to be done. This really came up on me when I wasn’t looking- with the Sea Donk the following weekend, and Whiskey Offroad after that things have gotten crazy. Sarah Kaufmann has been doing the legwork promoting this event. She keeps it real, by the way… glad to be a part of this.

Bag of Hammers update:

Believe it or not, this bike has become my go-to after work crank-machine. I’ve grown confident enough to ride hard on it- getting air under the tires & even riding the occasional drop. People have even started asking if they can buy one: sorry, no.



  1. The Bag of Hammers is too cool. 🙂

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