Posted by: Brendan | April 7, 2008

Dewey Bridge will be missed

Just got word that Dewey Bridge- an important landmark & Colorado River crossing on Kokopelli’s Trail- has burned.

Dewey Bridge was both a highlight & lowlight for Mary & I several years ago when we spent 4 days cruising along Kokopelli’s Trail, camping, exploring & living along the way. The aim of the trip was to “drop out” for a while; Dewey Bridge marked the transition of desert into mountains, but the nearby campground also carried with it a poignant reminder of civilization, cars, and the work week.

Here’s a cameraphone pic I still had lingering around: Mary, preparing to unload trash & recycling.



  1. O.K. I’ll save myself the embarrassment and comment first on the pink spandex, pink helmet, 26inch wheels and the fact that I look like a mobile recycling bin – whoah!

    Thanks for that one!

  2. Hi, All:
    I’m a producer for a news-interview show called Colorado Matters on Colorado Public Radio. I’m putting together a feature on the Dewey Bridge and I’d appreciate talking to anyone with memories of the bridge.
    You can reach me at 303-871-9191 ext. 454.

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