Posted by: Brendan | March 26, 2008


We’re making a road bike.

This isn’t really part of our normal offerings, but I must admit it’s been fun to tool up for & she’s looking pretty…

Matt aka “G Donkey”

My good pal, and lead man of Siren East (or SonoraSiren?) has hurt himself on the trail. Sounds like he might be off the bike for quite some time. Please send good vibes to Matt. If there ever was a guy deserving of GOOD mojo, it’s him.

We’ll be seeing him this weekend & it sounds like we might need to machine & weld him part of a knee.



  1. HMMMM, thats very nice….

    Sonora Siren could be a good name for Mateo’s bike

  2. No way man, BAMBOO. during bike build day. I got enough material for 4-5 bikes, and a carmagia luggage rack.

  3. Wow…..some lucky soul is going to be very happy with that bike:-)

    Matt…..sorry to hear about your knee…..heal up before Kaibab!


  4. Anton, I’m into a full-tilt Tinkering session Saturday in AZ. Assuming Matt can stand on two feet (and by the sounds of it today he might be able to) perhaps we can work on a little of both.

    B- I sure hope so. It’s making me a little jealous.

  5. Sweet looking ride there. When things settle out (if they ever do…..) I want to build up a lightweight singlespeed roadie. That would be the ticket right there.

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