Posted by: Brendan | March 20, 2008

shop Pixies

Another good day, in the shop, even on the bike after work. (who knew?)

Now I’m working on a Fifty-Five singlespeed with a Bushnell EBB.

The new seatstay fixture is turning out some nice work:

A sharp tungsten is a thing of beauty…

Another darned good day at the shop. Jammed out to the Pixies, about 3 albums worth. It’s been too long!

Later, I joined Mary for a ride… err, I met her halfway up the hill she was interval-ing on. I only needed to go up it once; to ride Optimator. This trail, go ahead and say it out loud- “Optimator” is every bit as good as a trail with such a name ought to be: tight, bermed turns in rapid succession. Rocky, techy moves. Quick ups, more downs. The occasional mountain lion kill. All this & breathtaking scenery. Ah, I heart Optimator.

Marlin built it, and from the looks of it he’s been reworking it too. Legend has it it’s named after the beer with the shovel on the label.



  1. Those seat stay miters are nice and tight. I spend just as much time mitering the ss as I do for the miters on rest of the frame combined. I really need to rethink the ss mitering fixture that I have….
    My last pony was built while under the influence of Los Pixie too. “lips like cinderella”

  2. Optimator ROCKS!

  3. You need a shop pet.

    Like a cat, a dog or some big lizard.

  4. Pixies, eh? This monkey’s gone to heaven……..

    Love that stuff!

  5. Jruss, if you’re interested I’ll share a secret on that seatstay fixture. Even without a mill it works pretty good with a drill press, just takes longer to set up.

    Dave- I’ve managed to ride Optimator twice in the last few days. Good livin’ I’d say.

    Mr. T- You need to meet Dave; he has four legs so he can kick “twice as much ass.” (at least in his mind). If you click “Behind the Shop Doors” button at the top of the blog he’s in there. Dave’s a ten year old Border Collie & ok with less trail time these days, so long as he can come to shop every now and then.

    GT- I’m working on a road bike (don’t worry it’s 700c, so it’s like a 29er, sort of) that’s being built with a high Debaser coefficient. I suspect it’ll show through in its personality somehow.

  6. how about jamming to the dropkick murphys.that will get you motivated!

  7. Tony- for some reason I’ve never heard them. Seems everyone else has or is into them, so I’ll have to mentally file them on the “music: to do” list.

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