Posted by: Brendan | March 6, 2008

back from anodizing

This just came back- she’s headed off to Lynda today, who will proceed to go very fast with her.


There’s another stereophonic bike in the pipeline. Similar, but with 29″ Dave-a-liscious wheels.

Edit: This is a Hydra, and the first bike in a series of a few with clear anodizing. I’ll get some up-close shots if my camera will support it.


  1. oooooooooooooohhh

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. hot!

  4. Bye beautiful Hydra – the anodizing is HOT! I want mine anodized – dang 29″ wheel, it still won’t be as light!

  5. Looks like a rocket brother!

  6. LynDave: Wow, your comments were stereophonic, both coming in at the same time! (11:03)

    Snotter: you wanna know what’s hot? A fixie Song.

    Mary: you want pretty much whatever the last bike to leave the shop was… so I’m used to it.

    Lucas- hell yeah it is! I can’t wait to see Lynda shred on it!

  7. Sweet looking bike there Brendan! Know that that bike will see more miles in the first year than a lot of your other frames will see in a lifetime. 😉

  8. Steel is real B! However down the road i’ll have to pop for one of your lovely songs…

  9. Aluminum: “The Other White Metal”

  10. Buahaha 🙂

  11. I think that might need to be a sticker…

  12. thats sticker worthy

    Have you done a cross bike?

  13. No, not yet. Probably this fall- the SoCal ‘cross scene is surprisingly strong (yes, in San Diego where it’s always 68 degrees). I’ve had a lot of interest in that animal- scandium race machines mostly.

    I’ve given a lot of thought to a monstercross bike, in fact I have a brand-spanking-new Rock Shox I-ride fork (one of only a few in the US as of late) that is just waiting to be used on something like that. 50mm of coil-sprung travel. Relatively light, too, compared to a normal telescopic fork, and it’s got rack mounts to boot. That bike needs to happen… once I get through the ka-jillion builds in the queue, that is. And there’s this other design I’ve been drawing on random chalkboards & sketch pads recently, but I’ll hold those cards close for now….

  14. Purty!!

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