Posted by: Brendan | February 28, 2008

regrouping, retooling…

For another push. We’ve had some nice time away from the craziness of the OP & everything that’s been coming from it.

Spring is almost here, the birds are coming back & the creeks are flowing strong.

The shop (which we never heated or insulated) should be warm soon! It’s time to get back…

In the build queue:

Brian’s road bike- curvy al tubes with an Easton EC-90 rear. Translucent black.

Dave Harris’ singlespeed Trauco- nifty, with a twist.

John’s Fifty-Five singlespeed- light, semi-blingy & very tasteful.

Carol Ann? are you out there?

Chris P’s Trauco singlespeed- nifty, with a twist.

Chris S’s Song 55- fast as all get-out, for midwestern singletrack.

– then we go into the OP orders! -really fun builds. Highlight reel to come soon.

-and Mary’s GDR bike. -this will be way good…

-and a couple more demos

– and I’d like to find some semblance of fitness, enough to get through the Rim Ride.

Enjoy the pics- Matt G. sending a really tricky pair of switchbacks at Tucson Mountain Park:
Entering the problem…


a quick hop & a swoop gets him lined up for the next segment…


entering the final switchback- high & outside…


He made the move- but my camera wasn’t able to cycle in time- I swear it! Matt is the master of the high-torque, balancey moves… must be why I like riding with him so much!


  1. Suddenly I feel like I have a partner in Frazzledland.

  2. Dude! Do you sleep. Wow, you guys are working hard. I’ll I seem to be doing is changing diapers and eating ho-ho’s.

    Keep up the good work. The song looks SWEET!

  3. Wow, how cool to hear from you Sean!

    The short answer: No. While technically, I do sleep, in practicality I don’t rest much. Borderline problem, it’s becoming… The day job ends May 31st, but I suspect that just means I’ll take up the “slack” I get from that and just work that much harder on Siren. It’ll be grand! Stay tuned for the whole show…

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