Posted by: Brendan | February 21, 2008

good times & heartbreak in the Old Pueblo… peeps

Here it will be, the start of the Siren recap on what has become one of our perennial favorites…

Mary & loaded up the adventure Subie & the Siren trailer last Wednesday- took almost 6 hours to pack it to the gills, with bikes & expo items bulging at the seams. We had a number of frames to be built up at Matt’s house, aka SonoraSiren headquarters. A lot had come together to make this happen, with Magura & Syntace parts coming from Illinois, as well as a handful of other parts coming in from The Path, here in Cali. We got in late, probably later than Katie would appreciate… Nonetheless, my partner in crime had a pour of the good stuff on the ready.

Thursday was nuts, with Mary blasting off early to get a good spot on Solo row. She had some help from Matteo, who was out preparing the race venue with the Epic Rides crew. She scored what had been Tinker’s pit the year before. Matt & I ran around all day, building bikes, finding last-minute parts, and welding up some new supports for the BIG Siren signage.

Friday- SNOW! It was big, fake-perfect, movie snow. Fat snowflakes came down slowly & collected quickly. The drive out to the venue was extremely muddy, with cars & RVs getting stuck on the road. We were glad to have the Subie & all four wheels turning.

We were a popular spot Friday, as we’d remember to pack a propane heater & had it cranking in the expo! Despite the weather, the expo turnout was very good, and we had a great reception. That night we drove back to Tucson & stayed warm at Matt’s house. The drive out was worth a story alone… picture rally racing at it’s worst. The headlights were mudding over so quickly that it wasn’t even worth stopping to wipe them off, so we managed to drive out using one of Mary’s NiteRiders hanging out the window!

Saturday- race day. Mary was ready to go, but we had a lot of work to do. The pit setup needed fine tuning, and the weather wasn’t working with us early on. Thankfully, Carrie had come in the night before & was working closely with her while Matt & I sessioned the expo- we pretty much gave it the People’s Elbow! Interest in the Song, and our other bikes was very good… we had about 7 demo bikes with us and at times we had all but one or two of them out on the course being ridden. By the way, I didn’t get a single photo of the new Song- how does that happen? I’m putting out an APB on it; would somebody please step forward if you have a shot from the show?

Take a look at Matt’s custom ExtraSiren deck: made from stainless steel inlaid in wood…

Follow that bottle of Stranahans… it has a story of it’s own…

Peeps- we had a lot of help out there-

Denise, who gave off good vibes & great food:

Carrie- who busted butt all day & night for Mary: she drove all the way from Vail for this…

Logan, who inadvertently ended up helping us throughout the race:

And of course, my brotha from anotha Motha- Matt:

Me, being very sleep deprived…

and of course, the ladies of Siren- Emily can sell a t-shirt like nobody’s business!

The expo late Sunday:

Best signage in the business!

Well, this is a start… more to share soon about the race. Big stories to tell, with the benefit of hindsight coming soon…



  1. That extrasirendeck is beautiful! Getting caught up on sleep yet? Didn’t think so 😉

  2. Sounds like very successful and fulfilling event for the Siren Clan!! Great work Mary…way kick hind quarters!

  3. Yeah, congrats to Mary. 225 miles is killer!

    This Siren-fixie-extra cycle…….we need to see this!

  4. Nice post and pics! We’ll get out there one of these years as I can easily put a team together for the 200+ year geezer class 🙂

  5. Such a good time!

  6. Dave- nowhere even close to catching up on sleep yet. Pretty much hit the ground running with the day job- a lot of you don’t know I even have one… I work at an art boarding school; this is our “Eco Week” and I’m leading a group of about 25 students building a greenhouse. Pretty fun stuff, I’ll blog about it soon.

    The Extra Siren is a cool bike- made from an old frame that Matt & I modified. We’re in the planning stage for a “real” ExtraSiren design. Seems we already have a few people interested.

    The expo was amazing. Still fielding calls & emails.

    Guitar Ted- we need to catch up soon!

    Stage West- do it. We’ve been to the Pueblo 3 times now, and it’s my fave.

    Slowersnotter- Word! And thanks for the nips of the brown stuff!

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