Posted by: Brendan | February 13, 2008

Sonoran Sunshine

We’re off this morning for Tucson, with piles of tasty new frames, boxes of parts, and a racer girl with a case of haul-ass-itis. We’ll have pics of all of the above soon.
We’re hoping to stop at the hot springs near Tonopah on the way out. With hot springs, Sonoran sunshine, and bikes in the forecast, the outlook is darned good right now…

We’re staying with GDonkey & Kate– who keeps it real in the highest degree. I just added her to the blogroll this morning.



  1. Hey, good luck out there, racing and expo-ing! We expect to hear great things from Todd and Mary, and a kick-a$$ update on the big splash you’re making!

  2. Brendan and Mary: Have a great time! Looks like the sun will be out for you in Tucson and the riding will hopefully be stellar. Take Care!

  3. Hey guys! Good luck at OP! I hope that you smash it in every way! I can’t wait to see pics of Todd’s new bike and hear about how fast it is! Drive safe..race fast..

  4. I have been keeping up with the results. Keep it up Mary. Good Job. It is so exciting to see the updated results. Love ya, MOM xoxoxox

  5. Look forward to hearing more about O.P. Went for an “escorted” ride through the burn zone to the top of Santiago Peak on Sunday. You riding Vision Quest? Traverse? Julian? I find myself staring at maps more and more these days… Thirty-seven days!?!

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