Posted by: Brendan | February 10, 2008

Thirty Seven Days (and the SSong)

That’s how long it had been since my last ride. Almost didn’t post the hard number, shamed that I’d let go for so long- but y’all are forgiving folks, and there’s a lesson to learn here.

Suffice it to say it’s time to revisit one of the New Year’s resolutions- “ride when I need to.” A small time investment in a ride pays dividends in mental health & even productivity. (ah, how “Productivity” appeals to this midwesterner!) Thanks Mary, for preparing the lights & water bottle, and for kicking me out into the cold, dark night.

4 5 minutes later, voila! -the day’s rough edges are smoothed out. Ah…

So- here’s some of the latest work. Cameraphone pics… This is a Guitar-Ted sized SSong 29. Yep, that’s a full-29″ singlespeed Song.


The bend in the seatstays is new. New too, is the Cannondale-esque down tube- supersized but with very thin walls. She’s a little bigger than your typical magazine centerfold, but she couldn’t care less- fast & sophisticated, she’s hot & she knows it. See the snow melting?

I was thinking we’d coat her orange with blue decals?


Enough tire clearance to take on the big ol’ 29″ Nevegals we just got in, plus room for mud even in the shortest setting- 17.4″ chainstay length.



  1. Wow man! that is really sweet! Keep the pics coming! Glad that you got out on a ride!

  2. You can reset the timer back to 1 days since you last rode a bike and can look forward to the coming days of pedaling a bit in the desert southwest. Looking forward to it.

    I’ve got the solution to your camera woes.


  3. everyone needs at least one orange bicycle.

  4. Very nice…both the ride and the bike. I gotta see one of these Siren’s close up.

  5. First of all, I’m glad you got out to clear out the cobwebs man. That’s far too long without a ride, as you know. I sure hope you get out a lot more often in the coming weeks. I don’t know how you did it. Four days without a ride and I’m gettin’ pretty surly! 🙂

    Wow! Look at that tire clearance. Very nicely done. And really, who doesn’t like an orange bike? 😉

  6. Orange it will be!

    Looking into the crystal ball, I see more rides & sunshine in the coming weeks. Surly- that pretty much describes me over the last few days…

  7. Neato!

  8. I am in love with that bike. Awesome work amigo!

  9. I just got word that she’s out of the powdercoat oven & looking good.

    We’re off to Tucson tomorrow, where we’ll build this one & a few other bikes. Prepare for an orgy of bike photos in the next few days!

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