Posted by: Brendan | February 7, 2008

more parts

The pieces are coming together- literally.parts2.jpg



  1. This might seem a bit weird, but it is really cool to see that the parts look like the computer model you showed us awhile back. Seems sort of marvelous and well, magical to me. 🙂

    I like to see this kind of stuff posted. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. hot!

  3. What’s really cool is to see it in all the steps- first in my head, then it changes as I sketch it out on paper- hand drawings really help to make sense of dimensions & what will & won’t work.

    Then we make the computer stuff, then the analysis changes things a little more…

    Then- my fave- CAD (Carbdboard Aided Design) 😉
    we make the 2D parts in cardboard so we can see what it looks like, how it fits. In this case it was front derailleur clearance, tire clearance, and chainring clearance. Tight real estate with big wheels!

    Each step is exciting, but when the parts finally take shape in metal- especially the manual parts- the mojo is a risin’!

  4. Just something beautiful about sculpted metal!

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