Posted by: Brendan | January 29, 2008

Kettle Corn (legal crack)

This has me buzzin’ these days:

1/4 cup popcorn kernels

1/8 cup sugar

1 hefty pat of butter

Get a 2 qt. pot, this seems to be big enough but not too big for the job. Popcorn has an expansion ratio of 35/40:1, by the way… heat up that butter good ‘n’ hot, drop in the sugar- now move quickly- and drop in the corn just as it starts to carmelize & put a lid down on it. Now get to shaking! This will be easier if you have some upbeat music playing, but it’s not necessary.

The corn will pop fast, as soon as you hear the popping slow down, remove from heat. Promptly salt the corn & enjoy!

This simple recipe- with just a little work- beats out modern concoctions of trans-hydrogentated-cattywompus-polyester snacks. That’s inspiring.

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  1. Now tell us the REAL reason for your new-age oven!

  2. Dude…all the food talk….not helping!

  3. Yeah, I think all this not-riding is going to my stomach!

    Oh, and Matt T- the tri tip was indeed tasty, but not having ridden in this race it didn’t have that same “rock your world” gratification that it did in November. At least not for me, anyhow. Mary didn’t even eat one!

  4. I love, love, love popcorn, but I keep the sugar off mine, thank you!

    There’s too much of me already for that! 😉

  5. I’ll bet they made the old Super Sugar Crisp cereal pretty much the same way.

    Good point on the tri-tip…..when I had it it was indeed a carnivorial instinct induced behavior.

  6. I’m starving reading about the tri-tip…that’s reason enough to go back to the 12 Hours of Temecula.

    Kettle Corn–yeck!! Popcorn should be salty, not sweet.

  7. OJ- why settle for just salty when you can have sweet AND salty?!

    I must admit, I like my popcorn sans sugar most of the time.

  8. you’re a friggin’ nut…oooh, nuts would go good in there, maybe brown sugar instead so it would be more like caramel corn with peanuts. I’m glad we bought a big jar of popcorn.

  9. Did someone say crack??

  10. Hey there. Those Kettle Corn sound great! Homemade treats are the best, aren’t they? I’ve been thinking about caramel corn myself. The store bought ones always have nuts in them (poor Emi), so we never get them, but I crave them now and then. Hope you guys didn’t get sick like we did.

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