Posted by: Brendan | January 27, 2008

Good, clean livin’

Us Sirenites enjoyed a fantastic weekend of racing & each other’s company at the 1st race of the year. While Mary & Todd raced the course at Vail Lake, Terri’s husband, Rick Wahlberg, and I staffed the pit & kept the good times rollin’. I learned that Rick & I share a similar past, in that we were both aircraft avionics technicians once upon a time. He took me on a much-appreciated stroll down memory lane…

Phil stopped by early in the day to talk some business about the new Song parts & cheer on the racers, beer in hand. Idyllwild Dave raced on a 2-person team and stopped by with home-made chili Yumi had made, and yet even more beer. #002, who we met at the Rwanda Ride, finished his first Twelver grinning ear-to-ear. It was great seeing him & sharing a sampling of some delicious beers, which we enjoyed after the ride… He’s also our good-luck charm, as we’ve hung out with him twice now & cleaned up in post-event raffles each time. If raffle-winning were a sport, we’d probably get into that, too.

The weather was splendid, 60 degrees & sunny, with reportedly perfect trail conditions. When the warm rain arrived in the evening it just added a new, good dynamic to the event as everyone huddled under various EZ Ups- kind of like having a party in a space that’s too small. Everyone was close & comfortable.

It was nice getting back into the swing of things on the race circuit, a great shakedown for all aspects of the road life. Today Mary & I spent a lot of time in building supplies stores, moving at a slow pace. We’re building a new age oven for the shop that will hold 3 bikes at a time, which I’ll share here before too long. The bikes are still dirty & we couldn’t care less.

Oh, and it’s Katie’s birthday! Kate’s one cool homegirl from So Ill, the better half of the Matt/Katie equation, and one of the smartest, hardest working women I’ve had the pleasure to have a beer with.

Now I’m about two-thirds of the way through #002’s Oskar Blues Brewery “TenFidy” and a huge bowl of home-made Kettle Corn. Beck’s Mutations is spinning & the livin’s easy. It’s a good day in the blogosphere!



  1. I love happy blog entries. You got me grinnin’.

  2. Congrats on the great weekend! Sounds like you cleaned up in all three areas…BEER, raffle, races!
    Can’t wait to hear and see more about the oven.

  3. This will be the “beer post” for a while. Or until next time…

    I also forgot to mention this: Word on the street has it that some guy who won- and then was stripped of- last year’s TDF just moved to Idyllwild.

  4. Tri-tip?

    God, I’m jonesing right now.

    I think of Temecula and all I can think of is: tri-tip.

  5. Nice bikes. Fully agree about the nicety of Oskar Blues Beer. Enjoying myself an Old Chub right now. Buzz-a-rific!!!

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