Posted by: Brendan | January 24, 2008

26″ers won’t go down without a fight


Here’s a couple 26″ singlespeeds we’ve been working on; one with an EBB & the other with sliders. Both are going to experienced women racers who seem to prefer little wheels for racing.

The former is going to Terri Wahlberg & will be colored in the likeness of “Eyore the Donkey,” complete with ear-pink decals. This will be a good one for the gallery!

The latter is going to Lynda Wallenfels & will be clear anodized. The decal color isn’t yet firm. Hers is set up to run V-brakes for training with the powermeter, and discs for racing. Also interesting is the 3.5″ head tube on this one.




  1. Yeah…I hear that Linda and Dave plan to take over the world via singlespeed this year? The bikes look great! Can’t wait to see the Eyore set-up!

  2. There’s a “y” in there…
    Can’t really say how much SS’ing they’re doing, but Dave’s SS Trauco is soon to come through as well. That’ll be an anodize-job too.

  3. clean looking welds. very nice.

  4. Those frames are pure SEXY

  5. Thanks guys. They’ll be better yet.

    I’ll pass the props on to Mike, who welded these two. He’s the guy who taught me how to weld, and pretty much my high standard to compare all other welds to. Yep, Siren works with a “steering committee” of sorts, to borrow the buzzword of the GDR fiasco…

    Credit due to many- Mike, Phil, Debbie, and now Louis. Maybe we’re more like a bike, comprised of a bunch of parts.

  6. Oh yeah, almost forgot the other news:

    Looks like we (finally) have a thumbs-up on the new Song plates. Waterjet is the method of choice… We’ll hopefully have them a week from now. I say “hopeful” only because it’s been a long time coming, and hard to come by a good machine shop that was:
    a) willing to work with our small volume
    b) willing to make our parts to a high standard
    c) offering a reasonable turnaround (refer to A)
    d) close to home, for hands-on communication
    e) American

    Our new shop meets all those criteria, with the added bonus point of being owned by a mountain biker… Maybe that’s a big part of it? Anyhow, after some problems with a couple machine shops, we’re moving in a good direction.

  7. way cool… you make them chainstays on LW extra big…

    Otherwise i’d be worried she well bent the frame in 1/2


  8. hmmm…they’re lighter than mine…i don’t know if i like this.

  9. Ooohhh, those are very nice!

  10. Good looking rigs there Brendan. Good news on the machine shop too. That has got to be a headache that you are glad is over with!

    Interestingly I am seeing more than a few super tiny 29″ers for gals on some of the exhibitors for NAHBS sites. I was really surprised by this. I think I saw at least three different ones. Maybe four. It all flows together after awhile staring at my monitor!

    Anyway, thought that bore mention.

    Any chance you will get into colored anodization?

  11. Colored ano could be nice, some of the lighter blues & browns could be good. The bikes we’ll be doing this time will be clear, just seems more “Sireny,” to borrow LW’s words. I like to think of them in a classic airliner kind of way.

    Someday we’re gonna have to make a red bike. The color’s never grabbed me for some reason. Maybe that should be ano.

    We put in our PO for Song parts today. Very exciting day indeed. The ti plates will be waterjet cut- picture a REALLY strong squirt gun that slices through titanium like a hot knife through butter!

  12. I believe it twas the NY Times Crossword Puzzle that taught me that Eeyore has an extra “e.” Baffled for a while on that one.

    Ok that’s the only time I can give spelling advice – on trivial matters of course.

    Looks like some good stuff – good choice with the rear sliders too for Lynda.

  13. Brendan: If you ever do a red ano, I remember seeing a deep, almost brownish red ano back in the day. That would be sorta “siren-ish”, I think. A bright, brassy red, like some of the ano bits out there wouldn’t really fit your current palette.

    Just my suggestion. 🙂

    I would really dig a light blue ano. I’d say go for that for sure.

    And that “Jim Brown” Surly hub color is awesome too.

  14. I’m feeling some euphoria looking at those pics….

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