Posted by: Brendan | January 21, 2008

2008 pricing

After review & discussion with prospective shops and past customers; we’re revising our price structure effective January 31st, 2008.

Current orders are not affected. This is something we have to do, good in the long term for everyone involved & will help keep us more viable & able to thrive. We also believe our new prices will still be very competitive, and we will always strive to deliver the highest value possible through constant innovation.

Retail prices will go up by approximately 20%. Also, in an effort to involve & support local bike shops, we have a new & attractive wholesale program. Get in touch with us directly for the details.

Go ride!



  1. Your pricing seems very reasonable for the product, though I know it takes a lot of thought when making changes.

    FWIW, I visited with Carl Strong last fall. His shop is a couple blocks from my sisters place, and reminds me of your set up in many ways, and he went through a pricing change recently for a number of reasons.

    Despite his pricing increase, he’s still building about 80 bikes a year, the majority of which are steel, followed by Ti.

    A quality product and a good business model=success. You’ve got both from what I can see.

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