Posted by: Brendan | January 8, 2008

Skunk Works

Having lost our point & shoot camera, you’d think we were working under cloak of darkness… We’ve missed out on some Kodak moments lately!

Phil & I have been tweaking the flex plate & other Song hardware a good bit. The wizardry he performs with Pro Engineer is amazing- things moving on the screen & pretty colors are just the start of it. The parts are getting lighter, swoopy-er, & prettier… be patient, it’s coming.
Mary threw a surprise birthday party last Friday; the big surprise was Matt coming out for it, along with a bunch of Idyllwild friends. It turns out Phil is as much at home mixing up Margaritas as he is analyzing titanium parts.

Matt & I tinkered in the shop. We made a new seat tube fixture that holds the tube for cutting the pinch notch & h20 holes, then rotates for the BB notch… keep with me, there’s no point & shoot… Next, you pull the whole enchilada out of the mill & voila! Now it’s a tacking fixture. The tube is held on center & square to the BB, ready to be tacked. Everything is squared & on center, ready to go. We’ll add shock mounting to this fixture for the Song.

Love for the new machines is deepening-

First it was like “hey Bridgeport, you’ve got some nice ways. We should hook up…”

Now it’s “Bridgeport, you bring out the best in me, you open a new world of possibility.” 😉

Well, sorry we’re thin on images. Take a look here instead. Diane Landry is a Canadian artist showing this weekend in LA, just found the site & like her installations- hopefully we can go down & take a look.




  1. You should check this thing out.

  2. Can’t wait to see some pics of “the process”!

  3. It’s looking great. I’ll have to stop by the shop and check it out in person. Maybe I’ll call first, just to make sure you and Bridgeport aren’t ‘busy’. Does Mary know about you two?

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