Posted by: Brendan | January 4, 2008

Sterling Head Badge


This just in from James & Stephanie in Tucson, one of our first customers. Their artist friend, Christopher Gorman, made this badge from Sterling Silver, with hand-carved scales. I’ll put up a photo of the badge mounted on the bike once we get one.

There’s some talk about offering something like this as an option, in the $75- $100 range. What do you think?

Edit: if we end up doing these badges, no two will be alike… kinda like the bikes. 😉



  1. Thats great! Nothing speaks handbuilt beauty like this type of attention to detail! Looks amazing.

  2. Jewelry for the bike? Excellent idea! Especially if no two are alike. How cool would that be? 🙂

  3. I think I’d like one on mine, Jen Green (I think that’s her name) does similar stuff too…

  4. Nice!!

  5. gorgeous – and silver to boot. your frames deserve a nice headbadge.

  6. I think we’ll do something like this, plus a stainless steel badge that will be “standard.”

  7. Waiting for the birthday weekend write-up….
    I hope that you had a good one!

  8. Yeah…and then offer a ti version for twice the price of that. 😉


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