Posted by: Brendan | December 30, 2007

Manzanita Flyer


Here’s the latest from the shop. Ironically, the first of the new shop, the last of the year. I just finished the prep work on this bike today. She’s going to a warm home in Phoenix. The color is “Manzanita Red,” named after the trees that dominate so many of our trails here. See the similarity? Decals are cream on grey, but the photo might not do justice.

gratuitous butt shot

I’ve been feeling “the crud” ever since the Project Rwanda Ride yesterday, Mary has the photos. The shop wasn’t singing my tune, and Mary was out riding so Dave dog & I decided to go up to South Ridge (well, I decided for us) for a walk & a little photo shoot with the new frame. We did our first photo shoot for the website here, it was nice going back. Today couldn’t have been a better day, it was one of those days that give you the “I live here!” moments and make you feel warm & fuzzy inside.

Dave contemplates his next Doga pose.

Yep, that’s the place. Strawberry Valley, aka Idyllwild. The big hunk of granite in the background is Taquitz, also known as Lily Rock. Big, long climbing routes galore. Suicide rock is out of view, on the other side of the valley.


What goes up must come down… I forgot to mention the terrible conditions of the road on the way up. The road is VERY steep, and has had some erosion this fall, creating some bad ruts & exposing some huge rocks. The Superu has a low bottom bracket, so to speak… Good for railing turns, bad for rock clearance. Good thing we had gravity on our side! 😉

Well tomorrow’s the last day of the year. Go out and do something fun!



  1. The Manzanita Red is awesome! Hope that you are feeling better.

  2. I had one of those days, just over the hill from you.

  3. Like the bike! Powercoat or paint?

  4. absolutley gorgeous. are you bending your own seat stays? they look lovely.

  5. Powdercoat. That particular finish is pretty durable too.

    Not bending those stays. Once upon a time I was bending my stays, annealing the aluminum & filling them with sand… until I’d scrapped a ton of them & started getting them to order.

    On the Song, I might start bending stays again. The seatstays in particular might benefit from a really tight bend right into the shock mount, instead of using a yoke. It can be lighter & prettier…

  6. […] me a cross bike and we did some exploring on some abandoned railroad grade south of the boro. Brendan, Mary and I did some exploration there years back and I forgot just how beautiful it was. The grade […]

  7. I don’t know what that last comment was about, but OK? Must get out there soon! Is that the same Manzanita Red as Marlins bike? The color is drastically different in person.

  8. Hey Matt- what the heck is that comment? Where did it come from? It did remind me of riding in Jackson Hollow & around that area on the east side of the Shawnee.. ah… And what’s a “pingback” anyhow? This bloggy stuff is getting weird. 😉

    It’s the same color as Marlin’s bike. The camera didn’t expose it quite right- I’m not the pro in that department. The cream decals seal the deal.

  9. I hope you are feeling better!

    Thanks for coming to the 50 Mile Ride!!!! The event was awesome. I don’t have the final number but we raised between 27-28,000 for Tom Ritchey’s Project Rwanda.

    The bikes are looking awesome… Take Mary’s apart and send it to me. I love it or just send me some pics of the bikes you guys brought and some others you are working on and finished.

    -Time to go play outdoors

  10. Brendan: Don’t quote me on this, but a ping back is basically someone linking to one of your posts with a linked quote or a link directly to a post you made. At least that is how I figure it. Somebody with a bit more blog saavy can maybe describe it more accurately.

    Manzanita Red? I love it. Is it sorta brown? Looks that way to me. A rich color for sure. Make mine with a Mustard panel, hold the mayo! 😉

  11. Yep, it’s a brown color, highly saturated. People call the Manzanitas around here “red” so I’ll do the same. Mustard panel, eh? I like it, something with the equal saturation sounds good.

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